Course Objectives

Fiber 04 is for technicians and engineers who want to design fiber optic systems as well as understand their architecture and makeup when dealing with dark fiber providers, contractors and installers. It will teach how to choose the right cable type, calculate optical link budgets as well as understand network element power levels and sensitivities all to select the right architecture and components for your application.  

You will be able to: 

1) Outline a basic fiber communication system with key elements of consideration 

2) Understanding the fiber parameters and phenomenon such as attenuation and dispersion that affect maximum transmission capacity.  

3) Understand the effects of different sources (transmitters) on link performance  

4) Understand both linear and logarithmic power values and convert between them without a calculator.  

5) Understand transmit power and receiver sensitivity expressed in either a linear or log scale.  

6) Calculate link loss and use it to predict the power budget of an existing or proposed design.  

7) Design an example link considering all the key elements that make up the link.  


Module 1: Optical Network Basics

Module 2: the Decibel as a unit

Module 3: Link Budget Calculations


  • What is included in the course?

    The course comes with a course workbook, videos, and interactive activities. At the end of the course, there will be a short comprehension test.

  • Is there a hands-on portion to the course?

    The course can be done with a hands-on component or not. The hands-on component can be done internally at your company or we can arrange an instructor to come in to help after the online course is completed.

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