Technical Instructor and Content Creator

Location: Mississauga/Etobicoke Area 

Position: Technical Instructor and Content Creator 

Tenure: Full-time, contract, and as-needed

Are you able to make the complicated feel uncomplicated? Do have a technical background with a thirst to never stop learning? 

TelecomTRAIN is looking for someone like you to be a technical instructor. 

This is an incredible opportunity for someone who wants to learn, teach, and help others succeed in their lives/careers. 

Right now, we are particularly looking for someone with DAS or HFC installation experience.

About us: 

We are experts at making at telecom experts. TelecomTRAIN is a skills training company that offers a wide range of courses for the technical workforce in the telecom industry, designed to bring workers up to speed quickly, based on evolving needs. We offer a wide range of courses in person, online, and virtually to individuals and companies that need to train new hires and upskill their workforce to increase their on-the-job competence and confidence, quickly. This in turn helps with overall company performance and employee retention.     

TelecomTRAIN is offering something different for the industry through its learning solutions. No training company in Canada is teaching this range of technologies and how they integrate with each other end to end. 

Core Values:

We are looking for someone who aligns with TelecomTRAIN’s core values: 

We are endlessly INQUISITIVE to understand how and why things work and to find simpler ways to convey them  

We take the INITIATIVE to advance KNOWLEDGE around us - we take steps required for everyone to advance their own personal and company knowledge and abilities.  

We strive to deliver a QUALITY experience that meets or exceeds our customers' needs by being CONNECTED and COLLABORATIVE with our customers and their ecosystems to help solve problems. 

We demonstrate EMPATHY to our customers - by putting ourselves in the place of our customers is essential so that we can help them reach their definition of success. 

Job description:

Build and deliver classes in-person (primarily) and online 

Collaborate directly with our corporate customers to understand the requirements of a program and deliver programming to exceed our customer requirements 

Build the competence and confidence of everyone who takes one of our courses 

Administrative tasks required to deliver programming 

Required Attributes:

Takes initiative to see what can be improved, come up with a plan, and the ability to do it 

Tremendous communicator and storyteller who makes everyone comfortable around themselves 

Comfortable teaching courses in a classroom, workshop or online environments   

Ability to simplify information so that even a child could understand  

Learning and creating is a daily task 

Ability to receive very personal feedback and make changes to the way they operate 

Experience and/or education in Telecommunications 

Great to have: 

The want and ability to work with their hands and tools 

Course content creation skills: slides workbooks, scripts and videos  

Experience working with the installation of DAS, HFC systems, fiber, or power 

Networking, mobile network knowledge 

Experience with Instructional design 

No hesitation to use any type of software to deliver quality learning experiences. 

Outcomes for you: 

In a couple of years, you will become well-known for your technical excellence and your ability to communicate. You will be an expert at deploying any type of telecommunication system and how to overcome challenges are faced out in the field. You will be essential in the growth of our business and define the direction of how we offer solutions.  

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You must be able to teach onsite in Toronto, Canada.