About this package

This bundle includes our Fiber 1, Fiber 2, Fiber 3 and Fiber 4 courses. This the perfect bundle for technicians and professionals that work with fiber.

  • Fiber 1 - perfect for everyone who wants to learn anything about fiber. It covers the vocabulary and looks at the work processes and equipment necessary to complete fiber work or build fiber systems.

  • Fiber 2 - working with connectors, cable and splicing. This course is ideal for technicians who have to work with fiber and physically touch it. It will teach how to take care of connectors, and how to clean and work with cables.

  • Fiber 3 - is for technicians who want to test and troubleshoot fiber optic systems. It will examine the measurement and troubleshooting tools that are commonly used to test systems. Learners will learn how to take and interpret loss and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) measurements.

  • Fiber 4- for those who need to verify and design systems. It is a test and measurement course and will give you a deeper understanding of how light travels through fiber. It is aimed at fiber technicians and professionals.

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