TelecomTRAIN Terms and Conditions
"Customer" means the entity whose employees or contractors are participating in a Training Course.  
"Training Course" means any in-person, online, or combined in-person and online training courses or consultation provided by TelecomTRAIN.  For example, RF Fundamentals.  
“Registrant" mean employees or contractors of the Customer who are participating in a Training Course.
“Consumables” refer to any product purchased and/or supplied by TelecomTRAIN that is required to complete any practical, hands-on portion of a Training Course.
“TelecomTRAIN” means TelecomTRAIN Inc.
The delivery of the Training Course will include no less than 90% of material outlined in the tentative course proposal.
The Customer will be responsible for providing stable internet access capable of sustaining 6 concurrent video streams.
Registrants in Training Courses will need to have their own tablet/computer along with earphones/headphones. TelecomTRAIN will provide a workbook and a set of notes to the registrants of the class.
TelecomTRAIN will provide all equipment and consumables needed to perform hands-on activities in the course, unless the equipment is specific to the customer needs or requirements. All Consumables are the property of TelecomTRAIN and will remain so at the end of the Training Course.
Completion of the Course
Participants of the course will receive a certificate of completion of the course after completing a series of short hands-on tasks.
The instructor of the training will be Kevin Ramdas.
The Registrants are responsible for food at lunch breaks.

Intellectual property
The Customer shall carefully safeguard the Training Course and related materials that have been made available to the Customer or Registrants, to prevent their misuse. The Customer is permitted to use the Training Course and related materials only for its own internal purposes and only for those who have registered for the Training Course. The Training Course and its related materials are confidential and proprietary information of TelelcomTRAIN and the Customer agrees not to disclose this information to any third party or use such information except as expressly permitted herein.
All materials provided by TelecomTRAIN fall under TelecomTRAIN’s copyright and all registrants will conform to the applicable copyright laws. Registrants can use the materials provided for their own personal use. Course manuals, case studies, visual aids and documents are under copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without TelecomTRAIN’s express permission in writing. In the event TelecomTRAIN does grant the aforesaid permission, TelecomTRAIN retains all rights in that property.
TelecomTRAIN’s staff undertake not to disclose any confidential Client information to a third party.
Fee basis and taxes
All standard published classroom fees are on a per student basis. These fees include the price for instruction, a training manual, mid-day meal, refreshments, and other snacks.
Parking fees, if any, are not included in the classroom prices. The student will need to pay for these separately.
Taxes are not included in the published fee. Taxes will be applied, including state and local taxes, provincial taxes, VAT, or any other taxes as appropriate and due for these types of services or products.
Limited Liability
TelecomTRAIN shall not be liable for damages of any kind including, without limitation, direct, special, indirect, or consequential damages, including loss of profit or other financial loss, that may result from the use of TelecomTRAIN’s training products. In no event shall TelecomTRAIN’s liability to the Customer, Registrants, or any other party exceed, in the aggregate, the fees paid for the Training Course. Where TelecomTRAIN's liability is excluded or limited, this also applies to the personal liability of TelecomTRAIN's employees, representatives, and people performing duties on TelecomTRAIN's behalf.
With respect to material defects in the Training Course, and as the Customer's sole remedy for any material defect in the Training Course, TelecomTRAIN in its sole judgment, may decide to eliminate such material defects or make a replacement delivery or, by indicating a reasonably acceptable way to avoid the impact of such material defect.
All claims against TelecomTRAIN are barred after a period of one year from the date the claim arose.
Cancellation or Rescheduling policy
Due to the booking of equipment and incurred costs, in the event the Customer or any of its Registrants needs to cancel the Training Course, the following cancellation fee schedule will apply (measured from the first day of the Training Course):
*More than 11 business days – 25% of the total class fee
*4 - 10 business days - 50% of the total class fee
*3 or fewer business days - 100% of the total class fee
In the event the Customer needs to reschedule the Training Course, TelecomTRAIN will only reschedule Training Courses for an entire class, and not for individual Registrants.   If the Customer needs to reschedule to a mutually agreed upon date, the following rescheduling fee schedule will apply (measured from the first day of the class):
*4 or more business days notice – 25% of the total class fee.
*3 or fewer business days notice – 50% of the total class fee.
The fees charged for onsite training classes upon cancellation/rescheduling are based on projected instructor and any equipment charges.
All cancellation and rescheduling fees will be charged to credit cards or approved purchase orders consistent with the payment method provided by the customer or student at the time of registering for or scheduling the training event.
TelecomTRAIN will receive training cancellations or postponements via email to [email protected]
TelecomTRAIN will confirm all cancellations or rescheduling requests by e-mail within 3 business days. Financial responsibility remains with the customer for all class fees unless a proper cancellation or rescheduling request is received and confirmed by TelecomTRAIN prior to the start of the class.
If you are crossing the Canadian or U.S. border to attend a training class, be aware of the destination government's customs regulations and services. If you are refused entry, TelecomTRAIN will not be held responsible for your registration fees or your travel expenses, and the standard cancellation charges will apply.
If any clauses, or parts thereof, contained in these terms and conditions are found to be void or contrary to applicable laws, those clauses or parts thereof shall be struck out, and the remainder of the terms and condition will continue to apply.  

TelecomTRAIN reserves the right to cancel, and/or reschedule any published scheduled class. The customers or student's sole remedy shall be the refund of prepaid course fees. TelecomTRAIN is not responsible for airfare, lodging, or other related expenses including any airline penalties incurred. Under no circumstances shall TelecomTRAIN be liable for any direct, or indirect, consequential, or special damages. TelecomTRAIN  SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND RESULTING FROM ERRORS OR OMISSIONS IN THE TRAINING MATERIALS NOR SHALL TelecomTRAIN BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF THE TRAINING MATERIALS OR OTHER INFORMATION CONVEYED AT A TelecomTRAIN COURSE.