We are in the process of building additional courses and customizing onboarding programs for a couple of clients.

New courses are being added to our library including the following:

  • Copper Ethernet cabling
  • Ethernet Testing
  • Electrical Concepts
  • FG
  • LMR
  • IP Networking
  • Spectrum and Network Analysis
  • Setting up a Small Office/Home Office network
  • RF Safety
  • Working with Category cable
  • Python
  • DC power
  • WiFi Design 
  • 5G

In the meantime, view our catalog and contact us. For special speaking events or corporate training or LMS requests email us at

Additional Services

We put our team of professionals to work to build solutions that improve results, save time, relieve your budget and keep your people safe. In addition to our training programs, we also provide Consulting Services, Train The Trainer Solutions, Course Authoring, and Integration services.


Deliver original custom content courses to your staff to address the unique hazards associated with your workplace.

Our team of industry-leading instructional designers are subject matter experts who are able to develop defensible, effective, and efficient training programs that you can deliver as eLearning content, self-learning course books, reference materials for classroom teaching, or as an app that is integrated with existing frameworks.  Training programs can be something that is built from scratch or modified using pre-existing course materials from our library or your own.



It is our mission and vision to develop plans and programs that meet the unique needs and environments where staff carry out their work on a daily basis, creating customized programs that deal with risks specifically for each situation.

Our consulting services include Auditing, Training Development, Training Needs Analysis, Skills Gap Analysis, providing LMS services, Procedure Writing, and creating an Onboarding training program.



Customize and control the learning experience of your staff or customers with our Train the Trainer offerings and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our lifetime complimentary up-date service.

 These packages educate new trainers on how to deliver in-person training to adult learners. Packages include instructor certification courses, expanded reference manuals, ready-to-customize classroom presentations, exam template certificates, and participant guides for students.

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