Workshop on 5G

Kevin Ramdas will deliver a workshop on 5G Technology.

The era of 5G promises to connect not only humans but things with wireless connectivity and create the foundation for new innovative applications, like augmented reality, smart cities, smart manufacturing, remote healthcare, and the delivery of other services.

However, we face the challenge of ensuring that everyone reaps the rewards of technological advancement and economic development that comes with 5G systems.

This session will answer:

  • What really is 5G?
  • How do the standards go into defining and implementing 5G systems? 
  • How are mobile networks and 5G deployed? Where are we in deploying 5G?
  • How will 5G affect the workforce and what safeguards are in place for 5G transmissions

Duration: 1 (one) hour   + 15 minutes for Q & A

Cost: FREE  

This session is intended for those who want to understand the role that 5G will play in our lives and want to gain a technical understanding of how the technology is implemented.

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