Wireless Engineering


3-day | Online | Instructor-led

Dec. 04, Dec. 11 and Dec. 18

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Delivery method: Instructor-led, online,

Duration: 3 days (one day a week for three weeks, check bootcamp schedule page for dates)

Audience: Anyone that is technical or wants technical knowledge

Technology requirements: Computer with stable internet connection

Certification: Be recognized with a TelecomTRAIN certificate of completion

Pre-course survey: A quick optional survey that allows us to cater parts of the course to your needs

Post-course consultation: Arrange a 30 minute followup call about related technical issues or career guidance within 30 days of course delivery (if you would like)

▶ Build awareness of the techniques that radio channel design use to transmit information, ensure robustness and lower battery consumption

▶ Determine the type of testing required in RF systems

▶ Understand the basic antenna structures and how they are used in wireless systems

▶ Calculate link budgets and determine how to determine the best transmitter and receiver setup and locations

Approximate day-by-day coverage

Module 1 – Radio signal basics

Radio signals characteristics (frequency and time domain, frequency/wavelength/phase/amplitude)
Radio transceivers (Mixers, filters, amplifiers)

Module 2 – Carrying Information over a radio channel 

Channelization and bandwidth
Duplex operation
Modulation schemes and spectral efficiency
Access schemes
Guard bands
Error detection/correction
Case studies outlining how these concepts integrate into specific technologies (WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, etc)
Receiver Sensitivity
Case studies outlining the testing of these concepts (Digital radio, P25, LTE)

Module 3 – Antennas

Basic concepts
Reading a spec sheet
Concepts for beamforming, tilt, smart antenna

Module 4 – RF propagation 

RF propagation through materials
Designing RF coverage
Link budgets and its math

Certification Exam

Date Options

July 9, July 16 & July 23